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Western Alliance – we are what we do

Over the past couple of years, Western Alliance employees have clocked up many thousands of kilometers, travelling across western Victoria and beyond, to spread the word about Western Alliance and keep alive the spirit of our regional research network.

From large regional hospital to rural general practice, western Victorians have welcomed what they describe as an important new partnership in regional health. Across the spectrum of health services and academic institutions, people have expressed strong support for Western Alliance’s aim of improving the impact, quality and quantity of research in western Victoria.

What we do

1. We give away money!

Well, first you have to ask for it. Then you have to fill out a form …

And if we give you money, it has to be used to conduct health or medical research that is ethical and in keeping with Western Alliance’s vision, mission, values and principles.

Keep an eye on our Research Support page for news about the annual Call for Research Ideas and other offers in the Grants-in-Aid Program.

2. We provide training.

We deliver various forms of training via forums, workshops and we will be offering other forms of training in the future.

Our Annual Symposium offers another vehicle to offer workshops, please see our News and Events page to learn more about our Annual Symposium.

3. We offer a drop-in and match-making service.

Health professionals and researchers alike are welcome to drop in to discuss their research ideas and projects – whether to get a professional perspective on the feasibility of an idea, or advice about research methodologies, how to apply for research funding or ethics approval, or where to start when planning a research project.

We also provide assistance in linking health professionals, clinician–researchers and academic researchers who are looking for collaborators with complementary expertise and experience. To find out when I’ll next be visiting your area, contact us by phone or email (details below).

4. We like to share.

The Annual Symposium is an event not to be missed! Our biggest regional meeting of the year, the Symposium provides an opportunity to showcase and learn about health and medical research in our region, as well as to network and socialise in person with colleagues who are usually at the other end of a phone or email. Although some aspects of the day follow the format of a scientific conference, it’s not strictly a formal academic event, which makes it a welcoming venue for new and emerging researchers to test their ideas with a poster or short oral presentation.

Western Alliance’s website provides information about all of our activities and links to our member organisations. We publish our Newsletter monthly with highlights of current research of interest to our communities and region, we also advise of our upcoming research funding opportunities and our events here. If you’d like to subscribe, to Talking Points you can do that below.

5. We are exploring new frontiers.

Research is all about testing the known and the unknown to find new solutions, and this is most obvious in health and medical research. New drugs, new technologies and new ways of doing things are emerging every day and present us all with the challenge of keeping up to date and delivering the best possible solutions in health care. Among other strategic moves underway, the partners in Western Alliance are currently exploring the potential for a regional collaboration in big data, which will pave the way for development of a platform for new discoveries through machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Excited? Become a member!

Individuals can now become members of Western Alliance and enjoy a range of exciting benefits. Health Research Trax is a new part of the website providing member-only access to resources, forums and more.

Tell us more. Our aim is to support research in the western region, and whether you are an experienced researcher, an early career researcher or an aspiring researcher, we are keen to hear your views about how we might do that better.

Send your ideas and feedback by email.