Associate Research Fellowship

Call for applications

Western Alliance is calling for applications from recent graduates who wish to undertake an Associate Research Fellowship in Regional and Rural Health in the western region of Victoria.

Background and focus

Developing our human capital is essential to the future of research in western Victoria. In order to accelerate our research performance as a region, concerted and focused action is needed to develop our future leaders. The Associate Research Fellowship in Regional and Rural Health is based on a Partnership in Knowledge Transfer (PKT) model, designed to provide opportunities for early and mid-career health service professionals to build their research portfolios and position themselves for future leadership in the region.

We invite proposals for innovative, collaborative translational research projects to be undertaken in the context of regional/rural health service delivery. Proposals must feature an integrated program involving one or more health care service provider/s, academic institution/s and a recent graduate (the Associate). The Associate shall be jointly mentored by the two (or more) organisational partners to deliver a research project or program that facilitates the transfer of knowledge (see Definitions below) and the embedding of a new capability within the partner health service/s. Funding shall be provided towards the Associate’s annual salary/stipend and direct research costs. Indirect costs such as salary on-costs/management fees, administration, office accommodation and routine clinical equipment are to be provided by the partner organisations as in-kind contributions.

Aim of the fellowship program

The aim is to support development of collaborative, applied and translational research that will improve health outcomes for people and communities in the western region. We are particularly keen to receive submissions from professionals in medical, nursing and allied health disciplines, but applications from non-clinical Associates will also be considered. The research proposal may form the basis of a Masters by Research or PhD program.

All submissions will be reviewed to assess their potential for innovation and relevance to the vision, mission, values and principles of Western Alliance. Cash and/or in-kind contributions from the partner organisation/s will be highly regarded.

A total of $195,000 is available to support this round of the PKT program. We anticipate that three Associate Fellows will be able to be supported in this round.

Key dates in 2018

  • The call for applications closes at midnight on 3 June 2018.
  • Shortlisted applicants may be invited to attend an interview with the selection panel.
  • Successful applicants will be notified in August/September 2018.
  • Successful applicants will be invited to present their research proposal/progress at the Annual Symposium.

Information for applicants

The PKT program aims to foster cutting-edge research within the health service context and to support the development of leadership in regional and rural research.


Applied research: The use of scientific method to investigate, understand and develop innovative approaches and technologies that solve practical problems in a real-world context.

Collaborative research: Research involving cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional or multi-jurisdictional approaches.

Implementation science: The study of methods to promote the uptake of research findings and evidence-based practices into routine practice, to improve the quality and effectiveness of health services and care.

Translational research/knowledge translation: Research that enables its findings to be applied into clinical practice, policy, administrative decision-marking or further research.


To be eligible for consideration for an Associate Fellowship, you must:

  1. Have graduated with a professional or research degree within the past 2 years – after 1 April 2016.
  2. Submit a proposal for research to be conducted within a health service (e.g. hospital, community health service, general practice) located in the western region of Victoria (click here for an outline map of the region). You will need to provide written confirmation of the health service’s partnership in the research project as well as from your academic mentor/s.

Conditions of award

The funding body is Western Alliance Health Research Ltd, a registered health promotion charity. The Board of Directors will decide which, if any, applications to approve for funding after considering the recommendations of the review panel and the availability of funds.

In applying for the Associate Research Fellowship, applicants confirm that they will:

  1. Ensure the ethical conduct of research under Fellowship.
  2. Report regularly on progress made towards agreed milestones.
  3. Lodge a final report within three months of the termination of the Fellowship.
  4. Inform Western Alliance of all applications submitted to other organisations/ funding bodies for the same or a related project, prior to or during the Fellowship.
  5. Acknowledge the support of the Western Alliance in all publications and presentations arising from work carried out under the Fellowship.

By virtue of the signature of the appropriate administrative officer on the application form, institutions confirm that they will ensure:

  1. That monies granted by Western Alliance will be administered by the institution only for the purpose designated by Western Alliance and in accordance with any directions given by Western Alliance.
  2. That expenditure against the grant will be lodged via the online grant management system and invoiced by reimbursement by the administering institution for each grant funded by Western Alliance.
  3. That facilities and infrastructure support will be provided and maintained to allow research under the grant to proceed.

Any funding support offered will be conditional upon the relevant institution and the applicant(s) entering into an agreement with the Western Alliance.

Grant recipients may be asked to present the results of the research funded by Western Alliance at a public symposium, in media and/or other promotional activities.

How to submit your application

Please read the background information and conditions of award carefully.

  • All applications must be lodged online by the closing date.
  • This grant scheme is administered through our online grant management system, Researchweb. No other form of submission is available.
  • All idea submissions – and, if so invited, full proposals – must be submitted through Researchweb. Once granted, funds must be acquitted through the same portal.
  • The applicant (and any co-applicants) must be registered on Researchweb by creating a personal profile and uploading their CV and other relevant details prior to submission.
  • Only information supplied via Researchweb will be eligible for review – supplementary information provided external to the portal, including co-investigator details, will not be eligible for inclusion in the review process.

Research proposal and mentoring plan

Your application should include details of your proposed research, including:

  • Research plan
  • Mentoring plan
  • Research timeline: The research may be undertaken on a full-time basis for 12–18 months, or part-time over a longer period.
  • Itemised budget: show salary at Research Fellow Level A or B and step, time fraction and on-costs. Direct research costs (including travel/conference registration) for the Associate Fellow only are to be itemised and capped at $10,000 per annum. Show itemised cash and in-kind contributions already pledged from each partner organisation. Show the amount requested from Western Alliance. Do not include GST.

More information

If you have a question about the application process or the fellowship program in general, contact  Drew Aras (, telephone 4215 2896 or mobile 0448 246 415.

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