Western Alliance In Brief


13 August 2018 - News - Campbell Aitken

In mid-2017, depression was identified as the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide. It is clearly a major health and social problem, and a growing one. An interesting feature of depression is that...

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HIV/AIDS – where are we now?

17 July 2018 - News - Campbell Aitken

HIV/AIDS was one of the great issues of the late 20th century and, arguably, the issue in global health during that period. Initially known as ‘gay-related immune deficiency’, the disease was soon renamed ‘acquired immune...

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Vision loss: Treatments and technologies

03 July 2018 - News - Campbell Aitken

Blindness has long been one of humanity’s dreaded disabilities (Vash & Crewe, 2004), probably because we are a highly visual species. Indeed, primates are the most visually adapted order of mammals. Binocular vision allowed our...

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What’s in a name? Nominative determinism

05 June 2018 - News - Campbell Aitken

Nominative determinism is the theory that people are more likely to pursue careers that have some connection to their names. (Conversely, names particularly suited to their owners are known as aptronyms.) The late New Scientist...

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Race and health

22 May 2018 - News - Campbell Aitken

22 May 2018 In a January 2018 In Brief post we explored the notion of stress, describing it as a somewhat ‘slippery’ concept. Race is a slipperier concept still, but nonetheless, via racism it’s undeniably...

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