Western Alliance In Brief

Climate change and health

27 March 2018 - News - Campbell Aitken

27 March 2018 The increasing intensity of human activity has damaged the natural world in many ways. Huge areas of forests, woodlands and wetlands have been destroyed to create farmland and extract resources such as...

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Holidays and stress

17 January 2018 - News - Campbell Aitken

The Christmas/summer holiday period in Australia is a puzzling phenomenon. Many of us, especially those with school-aged children, take time off work in late December and early January; the weather is (generally) warm, the beach...

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Sun and skin

12 December 2017 - News - Campbell Aitken

Victorians got a couple of substantial doses of sun in November, and more is to come. As much as we look forward to summer – warmer weather, holidays, lightweight clothes, the beach – it’s important...

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14 November 2017 - News - Campbell Aitken

Regular readers of In Brief will have noticed frequent references to Cochrane Reviews. Scientists invariably review the existing evidence on a topic as a prelude to new primary research, and sometimes seek to increase the...

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