STaRR Program

With support from the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, Western Alliance are delighted to have commenced our centrepiece research capability building program, known as the STaRR (Supporting Translation of Research in Rural and Regional areas) Program.

The STaRR Program was informed by a comprehensive scoping exercise, which included a systematic scoping review of the research education literature and the Victorian Rural/Regional Research Training Needs Project.

The STaRR Program builds on the support from our Research Translation Coordinator positions and includes a range of translation-focussed research training activities and resources, as well as support for organisation research planning.

STaRR training supports three key groups:

  • Research mentors
  • Health organisation managers and leaders
  • Emerging health practitioner researchers in health organisations across our region

Thirty research mentors have been identified across the region and have participated in online workshops to build their research translation knowledge and skills.

Thirty-two health managers and leaders from organisations across the region participated in the 2021 STaRR online training for managers. The training focused developing the knowledge and skills managers need to engage in research and to support team members to engage in research. 

We received more than 50 expressions of interest from emerging health practitioner researchers across our region and so we are delivering the training to two cohorts. The first round of training (two full-day online workshops) was delivered to 23 emerging researcher teams. Our second cohort is about to commence and will consist of another 23 teams. The training aims to develop the skills needed to write a protocol for a translation-focused research idea.

An overview of the STaRR program can be found below, with further details and calls for Expressions of Interest for the STaRR Program components to be made in 2022.

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STaRR Program Overview