V-CTEC is now live!

The Victorian Clinical Trials Education Centre (V-CTEC) is a not-for-profit, Victoria wide, member-based education centre that aims to make learning resources accessible to more researchers. V-CTEC provides everyone who conducts clinical trials across Victoria access to world-class training at no cost.

Investigators, coordinators, and others involved in clinical trials can now access a suite of evidence-based, interactive clinical trials education programs suitable for a range of learning needs through a dedicated Learning Management System (LMS).

Led by the Victorian Research Translation Centres of Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre, Melbourne Academic Centre for Health and Western Alliance Academic Health Science Centre, and supported by the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Parkville Cancer Clinical Trials Unit, Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre and Alfred Health, this initiative is set to transform the clinical trial space.

The training available through V-CTEC will be valuable for: investigators, study coordinators, research nurses and clinical trial assistants, clinical trial pharmacists, Human Research Ethics Committee and governance officers, clinical and non-clinical research staff, general staff in departments that interact with clinical trials, employees involved in clinical trials from hospitals, community health settings, universities, and any location where clinical trial research is undertaken.

The recently commissioned mandatory accreditation process outlined by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, requires health services to support effective clinical governance and improve the safety and quality of care for those involved in clinical trials. Education, training and competencies are key components of achieving this, and V-CTEC has aligned its training offerings to support organisations in meeting these accreditation requirements.

Keen to get started?

Access the Victorian Clinical Trials Education Centre (V-CTEC) LMS at https://vctec.myopenlms.net/

Want to know more?

The Victorian Clinical Trials Education Centre (V-CTEC) is hosting a webinar to launch the LMS including a demonstration of its key features:

Thursday 12 May, 12.30pm to 1.30pm

Register here: V-CTEC launch webinar

Still want to know more?

For more information, contact Dr Eman Nafea, Director, Victorian Clinical Trials Education Centre (V-CTEC) at eman.nafea@petermac.org