Research Education Program

Building the capacity of our health workforce to engage in research is essential as we strive towards improved health outcomes in regional and rural Victoria. Providing research education and training in health settings is a key component of this approach. Whilst there have been many isolated efforts to address this, including those of the Western Alliance and individual health services, we lack a comprehensive, coordinated and evaluated approach to research education across regional and rural Victoria. We also lack online components, which can be essential for those across the region who have difficulty accessing face-to-face training.

Western Alliance has recently been successful in attracting $40,000 from the DHHS to conduct a scoping exercise to lay the foundations for a coordinated approach to research education. We will be conducting a literature review and benchmarking, a gap analysis of the current state, and a needs analysis to better understand what would work for the health workforce (at all parts of the research continuum) and how we can go about providing it. Whist we recognise that this is not a quick fix, we want to get this right and to make sure we can facilitate a meaningful research education program.

The Western Alliance will continue to support and provide research training throughout this process, but our focus will be on the longer term coordinated strategy.