Western Alliance Research Support

Innovative health and medical research creates new approaches to health outcomes that lead to earlier diagnoses, more effective treatments and better outcomes for patients and communities. At the same time, tomorrow’s health workforce is being educated and future leaders trained.

There is strong consensus worldwide that solving the major challenges in prevention, health care and health systems will require interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary collaborations between researchers from a range of disciplines and strong partnerships between clinicians, health services, policy makers, consumers and communities.

While clinical trials and medical research continue to be important, and the role of research in improving and growing preventative care Is not yet well defined, it is increasingly evident that significant gains are able to be made through collaborations between university, clinical and health-settings research, in mental health, population health, health economics, epidemiology, patient safety, quality of care, health literacy, disability, end-of-life care, nutrition and exercise – to mention only a few key areas.

These themes are of increasing significance to health services providing care to communities in Victoria’s western region.


Western Alliance is working to improve the impact, quality and quantity of research in the region through strategies that promote:

  • Translation of research evidence into practice to improve quality of care and health outcomes for regional and rural communities
  • Utilisation of multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches
  • Recruitment, training and upskilling our best junior and mid-career researchers and clinicians to help ensure the future leadership of health research in the region
  • Enhancement of advisory and quality assurance mechanisms.