Western Alliance Fifth Annual Symposium Program

Good health and wellbeing: It matters to rural and regional communities

Thursday 13 September 2018

KEYNOTE Open scientific practices: Restoring trust in science

Dr Rebecca Willén, Institute for Globally Distributed Open Research and Education

KEYNOTE Clinical research in regional Victoria: An opportunity for all

Associate Professor Ian Collins, South West Regional Cancer Centre and Deakin University

The National Centre for Farmer Health: Ten years on

Professor Susan Brumby, Director, National Centre for Farmer Health


Equity and equality in rural health and health care

Variation in paediatric emergency presentations across south-western Victoria
Associate Professor Tim Baker, Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine, Deakin University

Engaging in antenatal care: An interview study of teenage women
Associate Professor Anna Wong Shee, Ballarat Health Services & Deakin University

The Practice Nurse workforce in western Victoria
Dr Blake Peck, Federation University

Let’s have a yarn about chronic disease in Gunditjmara Country

Ms Joleen Ryan and Dr Josh Hayward, Deakin Rural Health

Going green: Early lessons from a workplace intervention in a regional health service
Mr Rohan Fitzgerald, Western District Health Service




Blood pressure and its influence
on general practitioner visits in rural Ararat
Dr Alex Gavino
East Grampians Health Service
 High-intensity interval training in patients with cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

Dr Matthew Wallen
Federation University Australia

Post-arthroplasty review: Can we replace outpatient appointments with a remote view model?

Mr Bill Reynolds
University Hospital Geelong, Barwon Health

Exercise and depressive symptoms
in older adults: An investigator into psychosocial factors
Mr Kyle Miller
Federation University Australia
An analysis of an innovative, rural community based cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program

Ms Karina Crannitch
Springs Medical, Daylesford

20-minute rounding: Is this the solution to reducing falls and fractures?

Ms Bronwyn Roberts
Western District Health Service

Discharge planning and access to rehabilitation services after a major farm-related injury

Ms Jessica Beattie
Deakin Rural Community Clinical School

Rural policy makers’ views of the evidence for heart-disease prevention policy

Ms Laura Alston
Global Obesity Centre, Deakin University

Feasibility study of patient feedback on safety in primary care

Ms Andrea Hernan
Deakin Rural Health


From inside the farm gate: Innovative engagement in building rural health and wellbeing

Dr Alison Kennedy

National Centre for Farmer Health

Improving care for chronic conditions in rural communities

Ms Lucy Spanswick
Western Victoria Primary Health Network



National Centre for Farmer Health Conference

Good health, wellbeing and safety: Making a difference to farmer’s lives

Wednesday 12 September 2018

The National Centre for Farmer Health’s conference program is designed to encourage and continue relationships across sectors, to reflect the true diversity of health, wellbeing and safety outcomes in farming communities across Australia.


KEYNOTE Health and neurological effects of organophosphate pesticides on young field workers
Associate Professor Dianne Rohlman
Department of Occupational and Environmental Health in the University of Iowa

KEYNOTE Launch of ‘Bright Futures: Spotlight on the wellbeing of young people living in rural and regional Victoria’
Dr Claire Naughtin
CSIRO’s Data61

Guest speakers

Authentic partners
Mr Brock Pinner
Rural Bank

Rural and regional young people’s views on megatrends and their wellbeing
Ms Kristen Moeller-Saxone, Ms Ripley Watt and Ms Lauren McIveen





Assessing community readiness for mental health promotion in rural Tasmania

Mr Stuart Auckland
Centre for Rural Health


AgriSafe™ Australia – addressing health and safety in farmers and
agricultural workers

Mrs Tam Phillips
National Centre for Farmer Health

Supporting farmer mental health through resilience interventions: Measuring, monitoring and building resilience 

Associate Professor Jacki Schirmer
University of Canberra

Addressing stress from the source: Financial empowerment and family farm succession planning

Ms Dianna Jacobsen
Shine at Business

Walk with us, Talk with us

Mrs Rebecca Milliken
Australian Rural Leadership Program


 Drought wellbeing service:
A clinician-led, community engagement service delivery model
Ms Gail Jamieson
Royal Doctor Flying Service (Qld)
Family farm transfers affect health and individual wellbeing

Dr Diane Luhrs
The Australian Sociological Association

Insights into the hospital experience from the farmer’s hospital bed

Mrs Annette Reed

The Ripple Effect: Identifying behavioural indicators of suicide stigma-reduction in rural Australia

Dr Alison Kennedy
National Centre for Farmer Health

Measure to manage: Using cholinesterase assessment to monitor agrichemical exposure in Victorian farmers

Dr Jacqueline Cotton
National Centre for Farmer Health

Family burden and social support in mental illness

Dr Josy Thomas
South West Healthcare Mental Health Services




Beyond the fence line: A professional development pilot improving
agricultural health literacy

Dr Jacqueline Cotton
National Centre for Farmer Health


Compassion fatigue and burnout in subtropical dairy farming in the new millennium

Ms Patricia Eats
School of Veterinary Science, University of Queensland

Strengthening Victorian rural women and agriculture: A case-crossover study.

Ms Molly McNamara
Deloitte Analyst and Deakin University

Balmoral Fire Connect: A case study of social networks in a rural community

Ms Jo Brown
Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Connect

From Inside the Farm Gate: Innovative engagement in building rural
health and wellbeing
Dr Alison Kennedy
National Centre for Farmer Health
Satisfaction with off-farm work and implications for farmer health and wellbeing

Mr Dominic Peel
University of Canberra

Data analytics and community based screening for undiagnosed diabetes in a rural setting

Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri
Federation University Australia

Gear Up for Ag Health and Safety – empowering the next generation

Mrs Tam Phillips
National Centre for Farmer Health